Colour Collections

As much as I love black and white, I live in a world of colour.
There are some images that just need to be in color, feel better in colour or allow me fuller expression in color. The soft pastel hues of mauve, pink, yellow and gold of the sandstone in the Valley of Fire, the multi hues of a sunset or sunrise and the plumage of an exotic bird are just a few. Most of my abstract images are in colour as the visual discovery of the ephemera, the hidden figures and the ‘juicy’ surprises are heightened by their color palette.

"A great deal of what there is to be gotten out of a photograph depends on the quality of attentiveness that we bring to it. It's a skill to look fast, but a gift to look slow." - Mike Johnson

Brazeau Gift Of Light portfolio I stepped from the harsh midday sun into the derelict old wash house along with the adjoining forge and carpenters shop while photographing the abandoned Brazeau Colleries in the eastern foothills of the Alberta Rockies. There I was met with the most welcoming presence of a soft, almost pastel, glow. The reflected sunlight from the narrow row of windows ten feet above my head mixed with the cool shadows and almost century old patina on the walls was a gift of light - perfect light. It was like the long forgotten, rugged, hardened miners that daily changed, washed and worked in this place were calling out that there was a hidden beauty here. I was the one being called to find and photograph it as a memorial. These are the memorials. Mind's Eye portfolio The phrase "mind's eye" refers to the human ability to visualize, i.e., to experience visual mental imagery; in other words, one's ability to "see" things with the mind.

What do you see? Look. Stare. See the figures, the faces, the scenes, the ephemera. Let your mind go. Have fun hunting and finding. The titles might lead or mislead. Once seen, your mind will not forget and will help you see more. Maybe standing on your head will help or possibly turning your monitor ninety degrees to the right or left is the answer. Enjoy the journey.
Seasons On The Pond portfolio About two hours from home is a favorite location that I have been visiting and photographing for many years. It is a series of small lakes and trout ponds that are constantly revealing to me more and more of their incredible yet subtle beauty. At times it is an area of wonderful solitude and at other times a hive of activity, yet every season brings new beginnings and new endings and new images to photograph. On my first visit, almost twenty years ago, I was captured by the wonderful golds, vibrant reds, dark greens and magical blues of the autumn colours and reflections. The late day winter light gives the ice and snow an almost sensual soft blue colour that makes one just stand in awe of its delicacy. While I love black and white images, only colour can truly express my deepest feelings and memories of this very special place. 塗装壁  Tosō Kabe portfolio 塗装壁 Tosō Kabe - The Painted Wall.
Unlike the mythical invisible wall of the Nurikabe, a Japanese yokai, this is a real wall. Once painted and many times repainted this now deacayed, cracked, weathered and stained wall has created a montage of images. Rivers, forests, mountains, animals, flowers, people - almost magically alive and revealing more of its hidden beauty but only to the eyes of your imagination. Look beyond the obvious and let your inner child loose to pretend, to see, to play, to imagine - to have fun. Lot's of fun.
Mind Garden portfolio There is nothing more beautiful, sensuous, colourful and evocative than the natural. The shapes, patterns, textures and colors stir the senses and the imagination. Animals in clouds, eyes in knotty stumps, faces in a rock wall and reflections in a pool - our mind creates these special images that often others don't see. Mind Garden is a collection of natural objects as my mind sees them. There is more than meets the eye. Let your imagination go. Perceptions portfolio The ground glass of my camera is my looking glass into a wonderful world of imagination and metaphor. Light, movement, reflection, exposure, rhythm, color and the mechanics of the camera all come together for short moments in time.
Come join me on an imaginary trip through the rabbit hole of my looking glass. We'll visit the real and the surreal with a side trip into the land of rythymn and dance.
Grab your hat and let's go. The Mad Hatter is waiting.